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How to connect to the service and launch the I-bank system
How to connect to the service and launch the I-bank system

To launch in the I-bank system it is necessary to do the following 6 simple steps:
  • To open a current account in Ukrgasbank (if you do not have an account)
  • To prepare and sign a set of documents which you may load from the banks web-site or receive in any branch of Ukrgasbank
  • To sign and deliver the above listed set of documents to the banks branch (where you have a current account) and receive your secret USB-token for electronic signature.
  • To use next link https://ibank.ukrgasbank.com to register in the system option Preliminary registration of legal person, according to Users manual for registration in the I-bank system.

If you do not have installed a virtual Java machine on your PC the system will not work. In that case you should install a virtual Java machine.

  • To work your USB-token properly you have to load and install step-by-step drivers on your PC. For generating the keys on your USB-token use "Manual for USB-token users".
  • To complete the registration deliver Certificates of the open key for each authorized person (printed and signed by manager) to the banks employee. No floppy disk or USB-token should be delivered to the bank. The banks employee will find all information you entered before and will compare it to the banks card. The banks employee will register your organization if everything is right.

For working in the I-bank system please follow: